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An ultra-heated foam roller providing intense heat and therapeutic pressure for simple and effective pain relief.

  • Created by a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Heats up past 175°F in under 5 minutes
  • Maintains max temperature over time
  • Stimulates deep tissue massage
  • Intuitive controls for easy operation
  • Fits inside your gym bag
  • Work from home recovery essential
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Elite Level Recovery & Performance.

HotRock combines intense heat and deep tissue massage to increase blood flow to sore muscles and joints, providing at-home relief and relaxation when you need it, where you need it.

Real Reviews. Real Recovery.

HotRock helps combat:

Designed by experts in Physical Therapy.

“As an Orthopedic Manual, Manipulative Physical Therapist of 23 years, I created HotRock to perfectly blend intense heat and deep joint and soft tissue therapy.”

- Dr. Tony Rocklin PT, DPT, COMT

SmartWire Technology
HotRock's Enterprise SmartWire technology reaches maximum temperature in 5 minutes and heats up to 175°F.

Dual-core Body
The multi-layer design of ABS plastic and EVA foam provides the perfect balance of deep pressure to improve recovery.

One-Touch Controls
Get precise temperature and timer controls on the easy-to-use LCD control panel for a custom foam-rolling experience.

Reach up to 175 F in 5 minutes or less.

With Enterprise SmartWire Technology.

Intuitive LCD control panel.

Control HotRock with 4 buttons.

At-home heated muscle recovery.

Get fast-acting thermotherapy benefits and effective deep massaging to relieve sore tissues from sitting all day or extreme workouts.

Speed up recovery with soothing heat.

Therapeutic heat improves blood flow for better mobility, less pain, and incredible relaxation.

Find relief from daily aches and pains.

Relieve pain, warm up muscles, and reduce soreness with the perfect balance between pleasure and pressure.

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Trusted by athletes.

HotRock FAQs

90% of people who use foam rollers are in their living room, workout area, or a facility...always near an outlet anyway. A battery with today's technology that could provide the same performance as HotRock would cost an extra $100. Batteries that cost much less cannot power HotRock up to 160-180 deg in less than 5 minutes. For those coaches or trainers that want to use on the track, there are batteries available for purchase.
Simply remove it from the packaging, plug it in and press the power button. Set the temperature and it will be ready to go. For those who want to exceed 160 deg, up towards 180 deg, simply set for 160 and place inside the SpeedHeat carrying case or wrap in a blanket for 4-5 minutes. You can adjust the temperature up and down as desired for that part of your body.
HotRock uses Enterprise SmartWire Technology which provides the safest and most accurate system for temperature control. Enterprise wires wrap around the internal layer of the foam roller to provide intense, consistent, and safe heat to the user. If HotRock were to ever malfunction and overheat, the insulation between the wires would melt at the safe point and it would short out preventing any type of accident. Simply put, it cannot overheat!
Yes! Heat is constantly expelled by HotRock. You can increase the surface temperature (what you touch) by wrapping HotRock in a blanket or in our thermal-lined SpeedHeat bag to get your HotRock hotter, faster. Head’s up! The temperature gauge reports the internal heat from the wire and not what you actually feel. It takes about 10 minutes for the internal temperature to reach 175°F - but you’ll feel that level of heat much faster.
What your body can take from heat or deep tissue massage is personal. Some people can handle higher heat for longer than others. It’s important to get a feel of what temperature seems to work for you. We recommend using lower heats for more sensitive areas like the thighs or glutes and a higher temperature with more resistant and stubborn areas like the back & spine.
HotRock is a tool that provides deep myofascial release with intense heat to increase blood, oxygen, and nutrients to your tissues, decrease pain, improve range of motion and flexibility, decrease muscle spasms, help with headaches, decreases lactic acid and metabolites after a big workout, reduces post-surgical edema and adhesions, decreases stress and overall, just feels really good!
HotRock is the first foam roller in the world that uses Enterprise 'SmartWire' technology that also creates intense heat, controlled by the user.
The outer sleeve is removable for cleaning if needed, but the marine vinyl wicks away moisture, sweat, or water and can be easily cleaned with a small towel if desired. In the future, we will be offering other sleeves of your favorite sports team or a cool design that you can add to your HotRock.
Our Enterprise SmartWire Technology provides the safest and most accurate system for temperature control. Enterprise wires wrap around the internal layer of the foam roller to provide intense, consistent, and safe heat to the user. Seven safety and control systems provide checks and balances to the program. If HotRock were to ever malfunction and overheat, the insulation between the wires would melt at the 'safe point' and it would short out to prevent an accident. It can't overheat and is safe!
We built HotRock to be used by the toughest and largest professional athletes in the world from the NFL to the NBA. HotRock has been tested with 300 lbs. individuals with success. These athletes expect the best and HotRock lives up to these standards. Watch our video testimonials with pro athletes talking about it.
Yes, HotRock comes with a 1 year all parts and labor warranty.

HotRock technical specifications.

Dimensions 12.75" Long x 5.375" diameter
Voltage 120 AC at 60hz
Watts 87W
AC Power Ensures continuous heating and precise temperature control
Temperature Adjustable range from 110° - 175°F
Power Cord Integrated Storage for the 9-ft AC power cord
Display LCD with accurate temperature simulation
Timer Adjustable automatic shut-down timer
Heating Patented "Enterprise SmartWire" heating elements
Safety Stands: Wire break detection
Hot spot detection
7 layers of Safety
Weight 2.55 lbs.