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Golfer trying to swing with hip pain

When Mark was diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis at age 50, he was still a very active fifty-year-old – both an avid fisherman and a frequent golfer. As a former basketball player, he was unhappy with the increased limitations imposed by his hip OA and with the increasing levels of pain involved with his activities. His surgeon told him that he was not an immediate candidate for surgery and referred him to physical therapy. His physical therapist treated him with manual therapy and therapeutic exercises. The manual therapy included long axis traction, and an introduction to HipTrac for use at home. The long axis traction relieved his pain and improved his mobility so much that he rented a HipTrac for a couple of months. At the end of that time, Mark said, “After six weeks of daily use of the HipTrac, I have found my hip feeling much better. I can now hit golf balls without any pain. I have less restriction on my hip when walking. I almost feel like playing basketball again…almost.” Mark, Golfer & Fisherman

Relieving hip pain with HipTrac's hip traction

Aaron was diagnosed with labral tear with femoral impingement. When he visited his physical therapist, the hip traction he received gave him significant relief. Nothing else he’d tried had helped and that set him to thinking about alternatives. “I first sought to build my own traction device but had visions of doing more damage than good. So I sought it out on Google and found a Canadian supplier. Then went through the process of having it paid for by my insurance…which it was 100%.” He was happy to find that HipTrac’s traction relieved his pain and bridged him to surgery. “Finally, I got some relief. And it’s portable!”

That was a big deal as Aaron traveled frequently, and HipTrac’s portability made it easy for him to relieve his pain daily, wherever he was. In a Facebook post, he compared HipTrac to a medieval torture device in appearance but commenting that it helped with the pain when nothing else did. Aaron used the HipTrac to alleviate the pain for 8 months before he had surgery. “Hip Trac was the only thing giving me relief. The beauty of Hip Trac is you can do it whenever you need. It let me sleep. Which was HUGE for me at that point.” Aaron recommends HipTrac, and suggests talking with your physical therapist or healthcare provider about using it. He commented, “Mine was a big help in how to use it and to how to integrate it into a treatment plan.” Aaron

theROCK helped to reduce my pain and helped me regain lost range of motion with arm and leg after Rotator Cuff and Bilateral Knee Replacement surgeries.” Neil R.

I have been suffering from pain my my right buttocks with numbness and pain into the back of my thigh. I was able to be one of the first "medical users" of HotRock and it was awesome. The hardness of the roller combined with the super intense heat really helped the area calm down and reduced the pain in my leg. In the beginning it just felt great to do, but the pain came back. After a few weeks of doing it, combined with my home exercises from my therapist, the pain down the leg went away and I have not had pain for last two weeks. I am really appreciative of HotRock. It just feels great! Thank you!” Susan M.

I really like theROCK because it has a soft side and a hard side. I'm an active Grandmother who is always chasing my Grandchildren around. My muscles get pretty sore at times. It's nice to be able to have the softer side for the sore days and the harder side for the less sore days. I don't have to use 2-3 products, just this one!” Doris A.

HipTrac for relieving pain through hip traction

“About three months ago I was faced with the prospect of needing a hip replacement. Because of my schedule I did not want to do this at this time- so began my search on the internet for options that would delay the need. That’s when I discovered...HipTrac. Their customer service diligently worked with me to find one that would work for my size… since I am short-waisted. I highly recommend this device if you have osteoarthritis of the hip and are looking for pain relief and better mobility.” Arlene Litzenberg

HipTrac for relieving pain through hip traction

“My experience at Therapeutic Associates has been outstanding! I was referred to Tony Rocklin by my orthopedist to help with pain that I was experiencing in both of my hips. Tony has been great. He is very encouraging and taught me that through consistent exercises, hands-on therapy and using a cool device called a “HipTrac” that he personally developed that significant pain can go away!! The HipTrac enables you to do self-traction on the floor by putting on a modified “boot” and hooking it into a track with a hand pump. The pump pulls your foot away from you. It actually feels fantastic and has provided tremendous relief. For the first time in 9 months I am walking normally again and gaining back my flexibility and strength. I am really grateful to Tony, Chase and his team. I never thought I would feel so much better. Great experience in every way.” Jill V.


HipTrac has made a huge impact in the treatment of hip pain at our physical therapy clinic. It is simple to use for in-clinic visits. HipTrac allows for more effective manual therapy and exercise tolerance used before treatment or a great way to end treatment sessions. Patients also love it for the ease of setup at home and the relief it provides. HipTrac allows active people to regain their ability to perform the activities they love with less pain and avoid unnecessary surgeries. I highly recommend it as an addition to any physical therapy practice!" Josh Hagemeyer PT, DPT, Therapeutic Associates: Gateway PT

Bodybuilder suffering from FAI

For Stuart Cosgrove, using HipTrac relieved his pain and enabled him to return to his full workouts. Stuart, currently a physiotherapist (Cosgrove Physio) and a former Mr. Britain, is a dedicated HipTrac user. “I started using the HipTrac and noticed a very quick improvement in my gait pattern and pain reduction. I used the device every day for one week, then alternate days the following week. I now use the HipTrac 3 times a week. I find that if I stop using the device my hip begins to tighten again so I see this as on-going therapy. I wish I had known about HipTrac 2 years ago when my symptoms started.” As an ex-body building champion, Stuart still trains five times weekly. His FAI had limited his leg workouts; now using HipTrac, he’s back on leg workouts. Stuart Cosgrove, Physiotherapist, Cosgrove Physiocentre, London UK

Really love theROCK foam roller! Bought it to use with my patients at work, but this one is staying at home! As an ortho/sports physical therapist, I highly recommend this to any of my colleagues or patients. Marc W., United States Air Force

I see a lot of patients with neck pain and headaches. I strongly encourage any of my patients to pick up a HotRock. I teach my patients how to do self-joint and soft tissue mobilizations with the heat going into their muscles. I love to use it on myself and I don’t even have neck pain. Dr. Robert, Chiropractor

PT riding bicycle with hip pain

“As a PT, I like to try new medical devices before recommending them to my patients. When I injured my hip, I thought what better time to give the HipTrac a try? I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of using the device and the positive results after just a few sessions! My aggravating hip pain disappeared without the need for further medical intervention! I will gladly recommend the HipTrac to my patients as a way to avoid surgery or invasive hip treatments.” Vanessa Milrad, DPT, Clinic Director, Physiotherapy Associates in Las Vegas, NV

“My name is Bryan Walls and I am a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. I have a Family Practice in Portland, Oregon and see a variety of illnesses, injuries and conditions. I see quite a few patients that have hip osteoarthritis. Oftentimes patients come in with complaints of back pain or a feeling like they have a pulled groin. After providing a thorough evaluation, many times it turns out that they have hip osteoarthritis. I explain to the patient that the hip begins to stiffen up due to the arthritis and this puts more pressure on the lower back leading to back pain. Patients need to understand that in order to improve their lower back pain, we need to get their hip moving. Most of the patients are not severe enough to warrant surgery but definitely have significant limitations. I use the HipTrac as a treatment tool in the office as well as refer patients to have one for home. The majority of patients with mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis love the feeling of traction on their hips. It provides relief and improves their mobility. My patients that are not severe enough for surgery are referred to physical therapy and HipTrac. I explain to them that their arthritis is progressive, however we can get them feeling better, more mobile and keep them active. This is very important with individuals with arthritis. Their hips will continue to worsen in terms of the arthritis, but oftentimes they are 3-4 years away from surgery. With HipTrac, we can lower their pain levels naturally so that they are better able to maintain their personal exercise and fitness routine to stay healthy in the interim. It also allows them to go into surgery in much better shape which helps with their recovery. I highly recommend that all my patients with hip arthritis use the HipTrac until surgery is warranted.” Dr. Bryan Walls, Doctor of Osteopathy, Hawthorne Family Medicine, Portland OR

“Congratulations on the development of a product whose efficiency is matched by its ease of use. Finally a void is filled for those suffering from osteoarthritis of the hip. The very first patient I tried the HipTrac on purchased the device. I have found the HipTrac to be indispensable to my clinic and highly recommend it to anyone requiring symptomatic relief of hip pain.” Dr. Gary Jansen, Doctor of Chiropractic, Jansen Chiropractic Clinic

“I had a patient with a sedentary job and a severe case of non specific right leg pain. Prior to coming to me, she was given a “shotgun approach” of NSAIDs and a cortisone injection which had not helped. The radiological and MR diagnostic testing revealed some moderate discogenic issues and arthritis in the lower back and hip. But the physical examination was mostly negative for all symptoms and did not specifically correlate as to which, if any, was causing her leg pain. Following a course of spinal manual therapy and spinal decompression in the clinic, the patient still did not respond favorably to the therapy. Therefore, we decided to give her the HipTrac to take home and use when her leg symptoms flared up to see how she would respond to long axis traction of the hip and help determine the cause of her leg pain. She reported in later that week that the Hiptrac was the only thing that she had ever tried which would totally alleviate her leg pain. She is now on a specific program and using the HipTrac to address her hip joint. I highly recommend the HipTrac for anyone having pain, directly or indirectly, related to their hip joint.“ Dr. B., Doctor of Chiropractic


“In 2013 I held 3 World sprint titles as an M40 – Masters Track & Field Athlete. Unfortunately after over 20 years of competing in Track & Field my passion came to an abrupt halt when I started to suffer with pain in my right hip. Following MRI and CT scans I was diagnosed with FAI and arthritis in right and left hip. As a clinical massage therapist I knew about the technique of long axis hip traction and went searching for a device that could help me manage my condition. Fortunately I found the HipTrac.

I have undergone two hip reconstruction/preservation surgical procedures (right and left hip) over the last two years. I have used my HipTrac pre-operatively, during both of my extensive rehabilitation periods and now on a continual basis to help manage my hip pain and mobility. HipTrac has quite literally helped me get back on the Track. For now I am able to continue partaking in the high intensity sport I love as an M45. I have no doubt that HipTrac will revolutionise the conservative management of hip pathology for people like me.” Mark Dunwell, UK International Masters Athlete

King Mo is the former StrikeForce Light Heavyweight Champion and Bellator competitor, and a HipTrac user. “As a former collegiate national wrestling champion, 2x Olympic Alternate, and current professional MMA athlete, I have put my body through intense and aggressive training 7 days per week for many years. As a result, my hips have been pretty beat up and can get really tight, sore and limited. I have had surgical procedures and been told that I have some advanced arthritis in both hips. Competing at a world class level, I need them to be mobile, pain-free and ready for quick, powerful movements. In the past my physical therapists and trainers would perform different hands-on techniques to help loosen them up. One technique that always helps with pain relief and improving the mobility is hip traction. They would grab my leg and distract pretty intensely. It would really help a lot and allow me to get back into training.

The problem was that I wanted to be able to do it any time I needed it. I asked around and found a device called the HipTrac. The HipTrac performs the same technique, long axis hip traction, that my physical therapists would do and I can do it any time for as long as I want. I’ve been using my HipTrac for over a year now and my hips feel 1000% better and I can train as hard as I need to without worrying about them being too sore. I use the HipTrac before and after training and any other time when I feel like I need it. It has even helped me with my sleep. I used to wake up in the middle of the night with hip pain and when using the HipTrac in the early evening, I can sleep through the night. The HipTrac is one of the most important tools I use to be successful not only in my professional career, but also in my personal life, wrestling around with my children. It is now my new form of medicine”. “King Mo” Lawal, MMA Fighter

Madelin Siedler (@madrosefit on instagram) is a fitness enthusiast and when hip pain disrupted her workouts, it was devastating. “During the spring of 2014, I started experiencing hip pain that kept me from running, jumping, and even standing on one leg. As someone with a passion for fitness, this was devastating to me. I tried sports massage, lots of rest, anti-inflammatories, and even got an x-ray to make sure there were no serious bone issues. The pain did not go away and was interfering with my daily life and activities, so I began to see a physical therapist. During my initial visit, he diagnosed me with hip impingement, or femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). I saw him for a six-week course, twice per week. During my visits, he had me use the HipTrac to release tension on my hip joint. I was also doing home stretching and strengthening exercises using a band. By the end of the six weeks, my hip was restored to near-full capacity. I even competed in a four-mile obstacle race that summer!”

“The best thing about HipTrac is that it is patient-operated, which allowed me to pull the traction for as far as was a comfortable stretch. It also seemed to work in only 20 minutes, twice per week. When I used HipTrac, there was an immediate sense of relief, like my joint had finally been relieved of all of the pressure and was able to stretch and decompress. I always felt like a million bucks walking out of my PT, and my functioning was restored (and pain reduced) within just a few weeks.”

I believe that the six weeks of treatment with HipTrac helped me avoid surgery and further pain and joint damage down the road. I was not as adherent with the home exercises as I should have been; therefore, I believe [HipTrac] had the biggest role in my physical therapy in terms of healing my hip joint, eliminating my pain, and restoring my function. I just want to say thank you for helping me heal from my devastating pain, avoiding future damage, and debilitating surgery! As a fitness enthusiast, I have gone on to compete and place in my first bodybuilding competition with many more planned in my future. HipTrac helped me heal and made me free to chase my goals again!” Madelin Siedler, Fitness Enthusiast

“I was diagnosed with femoral acetabular impingement and severe hip osteoarthritis about three years ago. I was a long distance runner usually logging about 40 miles a week. One day the pain in my hip became too severe to continue the pace and distance I had come accustomed to. I visited an orthopedic surgeon, had x-rays and a MRI, and she recommended a total hip replacement of the left hip. Being only 39, I wasn’t exactly ready for the procedure, and as I do not like to take medications, I asked about other options. I was referred to Tony Rocklin by the surgeon to have targeted physical therapy.

During my physical therapy training, I was given a MedRock HipTrac so that I could continue hip traction at home by myself. Currently I use the HipTrac twice a day, in the morning and at night, to compliment my physical therapy plan and also when the soreness of my hip is elevated. When my hip is more sore than usual, I noticed that the device offers almost instant relief. The HipTrac has relieved most of the symptoms of my hip pain and I have been able to commute to work on my bicycle about 20 miles every day (often times riding 60-100 milers on the weekends), surf and ski on the weekends as well and even do some minimal running again, something I thought I would have had to give up. I feel, with the help of the HipTrac, monthly chiropractic visits and the physical therapy program that I am following at home, the process has resulted in postponing my hip surgery as long as possible.” Travis