Hip Traction Super Bundle
Hip Traction Super Bundle

Hip Traction Super Bundle

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Long axis hip traction has been used for centuries to relieve hip and back pain as well as increase mobility and relaxation. Whether you're a CrossFit athlete, active individual or suffering from hip osteoarthritis, hip traction can provide a great deal of relief. For those who want it on the go, this bundle is for you!  Bundle includes:

1. Your choice of Mobilization Band (65 or 100 lb)

2. Door Anchor

3. HipTrac Binding Set

Historically, people will wrap the superband around the ankle in a figure 8 to connect themselves to the band.  This is uncomfortable and cuts off circulation to your foot, especially if you are trying to go over 5 minutes. It is even more uncomfortable, when you want to go longer with more intensity from the band. Using the HipTrac Bindings, you can go as long as you want and as hard so you want with no pain or circulation issues! The door anchor allows you to do it anywhere in which you have a door rather than looking around for a super heavy object to wrap around. Although individuals will prefer a certain strength of band, generally-speaking, those weigh body weight less than 140 lbs typically prefer the 65 lb band, while those over 140 lbs will prefer the 100 lb band. If you like hip traction and are looking for a super simple and portable method, then you are going to love this bundle!