Mobilization Band
Mobilization Band

Mobilization Band

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MedRock's Mobilization Bands, sometimes referred to as Superbands, are used for a variety of reasons from improving your joint mobility to making your workouts harder or easier. Self-Joint Mobilization is a very common and excellent way to improve mobility whether you have hip osteoarthritis or just wanting to loosen up before or after an intense training session. If using for hip joint mobilization:

  • Use the 65 lbs. option for individuals weighing LESS than 140 lbs.
  • Use the 100 lbs. option for individuals OVER 140 lbs.

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WEIGHT 0.55 lbs
DIMENSIONS 41 × 0.18 × 1.14 in
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DIMENSIONS 41 × 1.26 × 0.18 in