Podcast: Treating Hip Pathology

Focus on Treating Hip Pathology

Tony Rocklin DPT is known as “the hip guy” in Portland and around the Pacific Northwest. He’s been a physical therapist for 18 years, and for the last ten years has focused on treating hip pathology. Tony went in that direction when he started noticing that there was a big void in how the hip joint was being treated. This was particularly true when compared to the much more advanced research being done on shoulders and knees. He was shocked to find that the general standard of care for hip pathology was painkillers, a cane, and waiting for it to get bad enough for surgery. That led Tony to independent research, reviewing and improving older treatment methods and developing new ones for patients with hip pathology.

The Challenge for Physical Therapists

In part one of this podcast, Tony discusses his background, how he came to focus on hip pathology and improving the standard of care for it. He covers treatment and why improvements are so important to patients and the healthcare system. Tony also discusses the increasing incidence of hip pathologies in an aging population and other contributing factors. You can listen to part one of the podcast below. Come back tomorrow for part two.