Podcast: Self-Management of Chronic Hip Pain

Self-management when surgery isn’t an option

In the second part of this podcast, Tony Rocklin DPT discusses self-management of chronic hip pain with moderator Benoy Mathew. The discussion begins around the case of a 46-year-old male with chronic hip pain. His MRI scan showed cam impingement with labral tears. His surgeon told him he’s too young for a hip replacement and too old for an arthroscopy. That’s particularly true since there’s now evidence that the arthroscopy could make things worse, and force him into a hip replacement within 2 or 3 years. The result for the patient is that he needs to manage his symptoms for the next ten or fifteen years – preferably without giving up the activities he enjoys.

Tony discusses how psychology and patient participation play a significant role in his work with these patients – in addition to manual therapy and therapeutic exercises. He sums up his perspective as “Our job is not to tell them what to do. It’s to give them the menu, help them select from the menu, consult with them and make good choices.” Listen to the full discussion below.

You can listen to part one of this podcast here, learn more about Benoy Mathew, MSc, MCSP here, and follow Tony (https://twitter.com/drtonyrocklinpt) and Benoy https://twitter.com/function2fitnes) on Twitter.