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HipTrac mobilizes the hip joint capsule, decreases intra-articular pressure, relaxes muscles and increases movement of nutrient-rich fluids around the femoral head and acetabulum. The result is pain relief and increased mobility.

HipTrac was cleared by the FDA in 2012; providers can bill for use of HipTrac in clinical practice using CPT Code 97012 (Mechanical Traction).

HipTrac is prescribed for hip osteoarthritis, femoral acetabular impingement (FAI), acetabular labral tears and lumbar spine stenosis. You can review the Orientation Test and recommended Treatment Protocols below. There are also some patients who should not use HipTrac; find out more about contraindications.

When purchasing for the clinic and using CPT Code 97012, HipTrac pays for itself in as little as 3 months depending on your specific reimbursement and number of sessions performed. After that, you are generating profit while helping a lot of patients feel better and move better! The purchase price for providers is $895. We also offer rental/demo units for you to try. Call us at (650) 479-4474 for more details.

“HipTrac has been a great tool at my clinic for managing hip pain…it has been very helpful for patients with hip osteoarthritis and those trying to delay surgery for as long as possible while increasing their exercise and activity tolerance.”

Eric Medley, Director

Therapeutic Associates Inc.(TAI) in Grants Pass, OR.

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Healthcare Professionals Who Use HipTrac

Vanessa Milrad, DPT, Clinic Director, Physiotherapy Associates in Las Vegas, NV

“As a PT, I like to try new medical devices before recommending them to my patients. When I injured my hip, I thought what better time to give the HipTrac a try? I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of using the device and the positive results after just a few sessions! My aggravating hip pain disappeared without the need for further medical intervention! I will gladly recommend the HipTrac to my patients as a way to avoid surgery or invasive hip treatments.”

“Dr. Bryan Walls, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

“My name is Bryan Walls and I am a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. I have a Family Practice in Portland, Oregon and see a variety of illnesses, injuries and conditions. I see quite a few patients that have hip osteoarthritis…Most of the patients are not severe enough to warrant surgery but definitely have significant limitations. I use the HipTrac as a treatment tool in the office as well as refer patients to have one for home. The majority of patients with mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis love the feeling of traction on their hips. It provides relief and improves their mobility.”

Dr. Gary Jansen, Doctor of Chiropractic, Jansen Chiropractic Clinic

“Congratulations on the development of a product whose efficiency is matched by its ease of use. Finally a void is filled for those suffering from osteoarthritis of the hip. The very first patient I tried the HipTrac on purchased the device. I have found the HipTrac to be indispensable to my clinic and highly recommend it to anyone requiring symptomatic relief of hip pain.”

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Long axis hip traction is a hands-on technique performed by physical therapists, chiropractors and athletic trainers to decrease pain, improve mobility and relax surrounding musculature of the hip and lower back. It is used by individuals suffering from hip pathologies such as hip osteoarthritis as well as uninjured professional athletes looking for recovery, relaxation and restoration following intense training and competition. HipTrac is a light-weight, portable and easy-to-use device that is helping many individuals to Get Moving and Keep Moving!

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The world’s first technologically-advanced and super-heated foam roller with LCD display and controls for temperature and time. Whether suffering from pain and injury or just looking for greater relaxation and recovery, HotRock combines all the great benefits of foam rolling with deep, penetrating heat at your control!

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Neck Saviour

Neck Saviour relieves neck pain and headaches. Necksaviours are made of foam and are flat. When you bend them they try to go spring back to being flat. If you place a necksaviour behind your neck when it’s folded, it can’t go flat because your head and shoulders stop that happening. The forces created result in a stretch and traction that provides significant relief and an improved alignment of your neck. This can be very therapeutic and just feels great!


theROCK is a three-in-one foam roller that features a harder end, softer end and a combination right down the middle!  Until now, there have been no other rollers on the planet that provide different intensities on the same face of the roller. Now, with theROCK, you don’t need three different tools to target the most sensitive or the most battle-hardened areas of your body.

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Mobilization Lacrosse Ball

Use our Mobilization Lacrosse Ball to go after the most challenging knots and trigger points of your body with increased precision and intensity. Whether using to release the muscles deep in your buttocks or trying to relieve headaches from your upper neck, the Mobilization Lacrosse Ball will not let you down!

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Double Mobilization Lacrosse Ball

MedRock’s Double Mobilization Lacrosse Ball is used for all the same soft tissue techniques throughout your body as the single ball, but offers even more technical capabilities for your joints. With the Double, you can also perform self-joint mobilization techniques to various parts of your body such as your upper thoracic and cervical spines (upper back and neck) to improve posture, neck pain and headaches! Check out all of our instructional videos on the MedRock YouTube Channel to learn more.

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MedRock Superbands

Mobilization bands, sometimes referred to as Superbands or CrossFit bands, are used for a variety of movements from improving joint mobility to making workouts harder or easier. Self-joint mobilization is a very common and excellent way to improve mobility around your body whether you’re wanting to loosen up before or after an intense training session or treating a stiff hip from osteoarthritis. If using for hip joint mobilization, most individuals weighing less than 140 lbs will use #1 and those over 140 lbs, typically use #2. Check out the MedRock YouTube Channel to see all of our instructional videos!

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