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The world’s first technologically-advanced and super-heated foam roller with LCD display and controls for power, temperature and time. Combine all the benefits of foam rolling with deep, penetrating heat at your control!

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HotRockTMcombines all the great benefits of foam rolling with a deep, penetrating heat to maximize muscle relaxation, joint stiffness and pain relief. Combining massage and myofascial release with deep heat just feels great. Using its technologically-advanced heating system, there is no waiting around for HotRock to heat up as it reaches maximum temperature (175 deg F) in less than 4 minutes.

Use the LCD Controls to choose the right temperature for each part of your body whether using its on the back of your neck for headaches, IT band after a hard, cold run in the park or along your thoracic spine for improving posture and spinal mobility. Set a timer to keep track of the minutes and with Auto-Shut Off and Smart Wire technology, you’ll never have to worry if you forget to turn it off. HotRock is used by professional and elite athletes, working professionals sitting at a desk all day, patients recovering from surgery, firefighters and police officers and everyone in between! It just feels great!

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Weight 2.55 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 5.625 × 5.625 in


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