More times than not, a person with hip osteoarthritis will walk into the orthopedic surgeon's office and hear, "Well, you definitely have hip OA and you will most likely need a total hip replacement. However, it is not quite bad enough yet. You might be 1 year or even 5 years away from needing that done." That person walks out feeling great that they don't need surgery, but then the reality hits them. Well now what? I am having a lot of pain and am limited in most of my activities. I can't play the sports I love to play. I can't even walk or stand that long due to pain. I sure can't exercise to lose weight like they recommended. What am I supposed to do? This is a scenario that millions of individuals are facing right now in the US alone. If there is no cure, then am I supposed to just sit around and do nothing for years? The great news is that there is treatment for the secondary effects of hip osteoarthritis. These effects such as tightening of the joint capsule, weakness of supporting musculature, pain with weight bearing or sitting too long, and loss of movement can be improved! During this delay until surgery, it is vital for humans to keep moving to decrease their risk for other problems such as heart disease, obesity and depression. Although there is no cure, shifting your pain from a 7/10 to a 2/10 and getting more active can literally save your life and at the very least, allow you to find some joy in life and work hard to be as healthy as possible going into that surgery. For more information regarding treatment by the appropriate provider, such as a manual physical therapist, watch this video and the other videos in this series at HipTrac YouTube channel. Thank you.