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For Professional or Elite Athletes

As an elite or professional athlete, you participate in the highest levels of training. Your success, career and livelihood hinges on your ability to produce top performances over and over again. You undertake intense training on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Recovery and restoration after and between your training sessions and competitions is critical to your success.

Your Engine

For all athletes, the core (lumbopelvic and hip region) is the “engine” of your body. If it’s not working at an optimal mechanical level, your training and performance suffers. This can also lead to costly injuries that can significantly alter your season and possibly your career!

Long Axis Traction

There are many hands-on techniques that physical therapists, chiropractors and athletic trainers perform to ensure proper functioning and health of your hip.  One technique that is used across all sports and all training is Long Axis Hip Traction. Through distraction of the hip joint, there is an increase in fluid movement, joint capsule mobilization and relaxation of surrounding muscle groups. This relieves pain, optimizes range of motion and creates a nutrient and oxygen-rich environment for the joints and muscles to bathe in.

Prevent Injury

It is well established that muscles and joints need to stay lubricated, oxygenated and fed to perform at the highest levels. In addition, hip pain and mobility restrictions from Femoral-Acetabular Impingement (FAI), Acetabular Labral tears and Osteoarthritis can derail your career and even prematurely end it.  HipTrac provides strong and effective long axis traction in a portable, easy and independent way that athletes can use any time and anywhere at home, on the road or in their training centers.

HipTrac is used by NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA Tour, Premier League, Serie A League, NCAA, MMA and Olympic athletes all around the world.

“After I use the HipTrac, I feel like I am 7’ tall and just relaxed around my hips and lower back. I feel like it helps me recover quicker, so I can be ready for the next training session. Now, after I play a game, I will cool down with HipTrac as well.”


Professional Basketball Player
Former Kansas Jayhawk (2017)

Athlete Ambassadors of HipTrac

“King Mo” Lawal, former StrikeForce Light Heavyweight Champion and MMA Fighter

“As a former collegiate national wrestling champion, 2x Olympic Alternate, and current professional MMA athlete, I have put my body through intense and aggressive training 7 days per week for many years. As a result, my hips have been pretty beat up and can really get tight, sore and limited. I have had surgical procedures and been told that I have some advanced arthritis in both hips. Competing at a world class level, I need them to be mobile, pain-free and ready…Read the rest of King Mo’s story here.

Landen Lucas, Professional Basketball Player and former Kansas Jayhawk (2017)

Landen started to use HipTrac due to experiencing tightness around his lower back and hip. He suffered from a herniated disc in his lower back and received a steroid injection to help control the pain and inflammation. Fortunately, he was able to recover without surgery. The history of his lower back, combined with the intensity of constant training and competition, led to some discomfort and tightness. Using HipTrac, he is able to feel better, looser and recover quicker after intense training. He has not had back pain in years and uses HipTrac proactively to feel more relaxed and for normal recovery after intense training.

Simon Gerber, Kempten Motocross team (2017)

Simon Gerber is part of the Kempten Motocross team of RE-Racing from Kempten. Simon is a metal worker at Norm Aufzüge AG Frauenkappelen who started riding a Honda CR50 when he was four. Until he was 16, he rode his motorcycle on his uncle’s fields, and then purchased a racing license for the Freiburger Championship series. He’s very active – as part of his Motocross training for Motocross, he jogs, bikes, and races regularly.

Over the last year, Simon faced an increasing amount of hip pain that disrupted his life and threatened his continuing Motocross participation. Here’s his story of regaining his life.

“Hi, I’m Simon Gerber, 31 years old and actively involved in motocross racing, bike racing and biking. I want to share my experience with the HipTrac with you.

For more than a year, I had strong hip pain, mostly at night, so I would wake up and have to walk through the apartment until the pain eased.…Read the rest of Simon’s story here.

Mark Dunwell, UK International Masters Athlete

In 2013, Mark held 3 World sprint titles as an M40 – Masters Track & Field Athlete. Unfortunately after over 20 years of competing in Track & Field, his career came to an abrupt halt when he started suffering with pain in his right hip. He was diagnosed with FAI and osteoarthritis in both hips. His physiotherapists and athletic trainers performed manual long axis hip traction which provided a great deal of relief. He then searched for a device he could use on his own between training sessions and competitions. He found HipTrac! “HipTrac has quite literally helped me get back on the Track and allowed me to extend my career.”

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Long axis hip traction is a hands-on technique performed by physical therapists, chiropractors and athletic trainers to decrease pain, improve mobility and relax surrounding musculature of the hip and lower back. It is used by individuals suffering from hip pathologies such as hip osteoarthritis as well as uninjured professional athletes looking for recovery, relaxation and restoration following intense training and competition. HipTrac is a light-weight, portable and easy-to-use device that is helping many individuals to Get Moving and Keep Moving!

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The world’s first technologically-advanced and super-heated foam roller with LCD display and controls for temperature and time. Whether suffering from pain and injury or just looking for greater relaxation and recovery, HotRock combines all the great benefits of foam rolling with deep, penetrating heat at your control!

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necksaviour Classic

Traction and stretching around the neck have been shown to relieve neck pain, tension and headaches.  necksaviour produces this cervical traction and stretching. Being flat and made of foam, when you bend necksaviour, it tries to spring back to being flat. When you place a folded necksaviour behind your neck between your head and shoulders, it tries to unfold creating that gentle traction and stretching. This can be very therapeutic and just feels great!


theROCK is a three-in-one foam roller that features a harder end, softer end and a combination right down the middle!  Until now, there have been no other rollers on the planet that provide different intensities on the same face of the roller. Now, with theROCK, you don’t need three different tools to target the most sensitive or the most battle-hardened areas of your body.

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Mobilization Lacrosse Ball

Use our Mobilization Lacrosse Ball to go after the most challenging knots and trigger points of your body with increased precision and intensity. Whether using to release the muscles deep in your buttocks or trying to relieve headaches from your upper neck, the Mobilization Lacrosse Ball will not let you down!

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Double Mobilization Lacrosse Ball

MedRock’s Double Mobilization Lacrosse Ball is used for all the same soft tissue techniques throughout your body as the single ball, but offers even more technical capabilities for your joints. With the Double, you can also perform self-joint mobilization techniques to various parts of your body such as your upper thoracic and cervical spines (upper back and neck) to improve posture, neck pain and headaches! Check out all of our instructional videos on the MedRock YouTube Channel to learn more.

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MedRock Superbands

Mobilization bands, sometimes referred to as Superbands or CrossFit bands, are used for a variety of movements from improving joint mobility to making workouts harder or easier. Self-joint mobilization is a very common and excellent way to improve mobility around your body whether you’re wanting to loosen up before or after an intense training session or treating a stiff hip from osteoarthritis. If using for hip joint mobilization, most individuals weighing less than 140 lbs will use #1 and those over 140 lbs, typically use #2. Check out the MedRock YouTube Channel to see all of our instructional videos!

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