Introducing MedRock, Inc.


Exercises, Video

26 June 2014

My name is Tony Rocklin and I am the founder of MedRock, Inc and a partner in Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy ( I am a physical therapist of 16 years with emphasis on Orthopedic and Manual Therapy. I have a special interest in working with Hip Osteoarthritis, FAI and labral pathology.  I'd like to welcome you to MedRock.

MedRock focuses on designing, developing and manufacturing medical devices which are used primarily in orthopedics, sports medicine and sports performance enhancement. Although we work with all areas of the body, we have a special interest in the conservative or pre-surgical treatment of various hip pathologies such as hip osteoarthritis, labral tears and femoral-acetabular impingement. Each week, I might share treatment trends, examples of exercises, manual therapy techniques, educational content, etc. I encourage everyone to read all the content on the website for more information.

Today’s tip of the day is a movement that stretches the Hip Flexors that run from the front of the thigh through your body and attach to your lower back (see attached photo of Psoas and Iliacus.) These muscles are intimately involved in mechanics of the lower back, pelvis, hip and lower extremity. This video demonstrates one technique to lengthen or gently stretch these muscles as they will tighten from sitting at the computer all day. When these muscles get tight or hypertonic, they will create dysfunction in normal walking and standing in addition to lower back and hip pain.

These muscles also get tight in the presence of hip osteoarthritis. Individuals with hip OA also suffer from a tight anterior joint capsule. The anterior joint capsule will also get stretched during this movement. There may be some discomfort in addition to the hip flexor stretch. This is safe and, in fact, is indicated to assist in improving your hip joint mobility. Just make sure the pain does not exceed 2-3/10 level and is approved by your specific health care provider.

Watch the video for proper set up. Just make sure that your knee is protected from hard ground and once in position, gently tilt your pelvis back by tightening your stomach so that it feels like there is a thrust or scoop forward to wind up the muscle on the inside. You should not feel any discomfort or stress into your lower back.

Good luck and happy stretching.